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We have updated the system to allow for streaming of games and practices from Murphy and McKinney as well as from PSA One to the internet. You are no longer required to be in the parking lot at Murphy or McKinney to access the cameras. Unfortunately we are working with limited bandwidth from both Murphy and McKinney and as such you may experience some issues with playback. On each cameras page is an “I am having an issue” button; If you experience any playback issues please let us know. We are continuously monitoring and adjusting to continue to improve the experience for you.

Based on previous feedback, it is important to note that there is no sound with these streams. The cameras that we are using are repurposed surveillance cameras and unfortunately they do not have internal microphones. While we understand this isn’t the same as being there, hopefully until we make it through Covid safely this will allow you to still be part of your child’s practices and games.

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We hope you enjoy watching.

Please note that this video is streamed from a security camera feed which was not intended for this purpose. We are re-purposing the cameras during the current Covid-19 restrictive times in order for families to watch their children. We appreciate your support while we brave the storm safely.